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Communion (c)2011– Acrylic on Stretched Canvas, 24″ x 12″

I stopped painting for two years after my father died in 2009. This was the the canvas that reclaimed my creative spirit. Bach’s “Violin Concerto No. 1 in A Minor” paired with Gavin Bryars’ “Sinking of the Titanic” * cradled me through swells of anger, love, helplessness and tears, until I reached that place of acceptance and peace. It was very much a cathartic process that began as mourning but ended in freedom through a spiritual communion with my father. Painting is the one place where I can see. This painting has been added to the G+ #FirstFridayArtWalk

* Note: I had the good fortune of attending Gavin Bryar’s 2012 performance of “Sinking of The Titanic” at (Le) Poisson Rouge (@lprnyc), in NYC last April. Both recordings are generously provided by Q2 Music (@Q2Music) and are both  worth your ear.
Communion - Stage 1

Communion – Stage 1

Communion - Stage 2

Communion – Stage 2

Communion - Stage 3

Communion – Stage 3

Communion - Stage 4

Communion – Stage 4

Communion - Stage 5

Communion – Stage 5




Aphrodite (c)2001– Airbrush/Acrylic on Stretched Canvas, 30″ x 40″

I love, you love . . .

This image is all about surviving Love, remaining true to Love, and loving Love despite inevitable failures and unforeseen tragedies. You haven’t really loved until you’ve suffered utter devastation at least once!

You can see it here on G+.

You can also buy framed prints and cards of “Aphrodite” on RedBubble.


#FirstFridayArtWalk on G+ is open to all!

I have posted “Aphrodite” as a submission to the #FirstFridayArtWalk, hosted by Samantha Villenave, on Google+.

Artists, simply share work of your own, a painting, a drawing, a sculpture, an illustration, and add the hashtag #FirstFridayArtWalk. The Art Walk is open to non-photographic work, in traditional, and digital media. Artists and non-artists alike are welcome to reshare the work of other artists with the #FirstFridayArtWalk hashtag as well.

#FirstFridayArtWalk starts on Friday, October 5th (today!) and continues through the weekend. You can learn more by visiting Samantha’s page.

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