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Mistaken Identity

Mistaken Identity: Orange-Pink, digital, 2014, by Terre Britton

Mistaken Identity: Orange-Pink, digital, 2014.


Mistaken Identity: Blue Ghost, digital, 2014, by Terre Britton

Mistaken Identity: Blue Ghost, digital, 2014.


Mistaken Identity: Blue-Green, digital, 2014, by Terre Britton

Mistaken Identity: Blue-Green, digital, 2014.


These are digital manipulations of Identity, a canvas from 2012.

Pattern/Color Study: No. 1

Pattern/Color Study

Pattern/Color Study: Cool

Pattern/Color Study

Pattern/Color Study: Warm

Pattern/Color Study

Pattern/Color Study: Green


(2200px x 1258px)

Click to download “Warm” wallpaper.
Click to download “Cool” wallpaper.

Gesture Drawing: Figure 1

Figure-1 (c)1983, by Terre Britton

Figure-1 (c)1983, Conté on paper.

In our college life-drawing class we’d begin with quick gestures before getting in to the 30 or 60 minute poses. This is one of those gestures.

It’s also a drawing that has seen a few miles–wrinkles retained for sake of character.


Drunken Angels

Drunken Angels, by Terre Britton.

“Drunken Angels” (c)1983, Acrylic on matte board, 40″ x 32″

This is a Christian/Dionysian study from college.

Angelfish I

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“Angelfish I” (c)2013, by Terre Britton

“Angelfish I” (c)2013, Acrylic on Canvas: Digitally Altered

Morning Study

“Angelfish” (c)2013, by Terre Britton

“Angelfish I” (c)2013, Acrylic on Canvas, 20″ x 16″

Not only are fish tasty but they are fascinating, and this morning, while surfing the net, this little beauty caught my eye. Call me a shark, but in order to post this with any satisfaction, I had to perform some digital trickery. On the right is the original, but the composition was stagnant, even for a study.

But as they say–whoever they are– “A bad day of fishing is still better than a good day at the office!”

So grab a cold beer, chips, tartar sauce and enjoy!

Below is one of my favorite undersea videos and a couple more can be found herekeep on swimming . . .

Nightlife in Tulamben from globaldivemedia.com on Vimeo.

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