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"Enchanted, ” by Terre Britton.

“Enchanted” (c)1997 – Acrylic Airbrush on Stretched Canvas, 30″ x 24″

From the archives.

Besides tests and studies, I’ve painted about six airbrush pieces. The first, Aphrodite, was an exciting accomplishment. But I didn’t spend enough time working out a technical methodology. Instead, I painted by the seat of my pants and, like this piece, the result was dark and muddied. I do, however, like its story-book, illustrative stylization.



Aphrodite (c)2001– Airbrush/Acrylic on Stretched Canvas, 30″ x 40″

I love, you love . . .

This image is all about surviving Love, remaining true to Love, and loving Love despite inevitable failures and unforeseen tragedies. You haven’t really loved until you’ve suffered utter devastation at least once!

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You can also buy framed prints and cards of “Aphrodite” on RedBubble.


#FirstFridayArtWalk on G+ is open to all!

I have posted “Aphrodite” as a submission to the #FirstFridayArtWalk, hosted by Samantha Villenave, on Google+.

Artists, simply share work of your own, a painting, a drawing, a sculpture, an illustration, and add the hashtag #FirstFridayArtWalk. The Art Walk is open to non-photographic work, in traditional, and digital media. Artists and non-artists alike are welcome to reshare the work of other artists with the #FirstFridayArtWalk hashtag as well.

#FirstFridayArtWalk starts on Friday, October 5th (today!) and continues through the weekend. You can learn more by visiting Samantha’s page.

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