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Winter Hats

Winter’s here. Even in the Florida Panhandle, a couple of mornings have been surprisingly frosty! To appease the Winter-gods and encourage their swift passing, and just for fun, I pulled out a couple of winter digital sketches from 2016.


And, of course, an image and memory of warmer times and places.

Key Biscayne

Stay warm and happy!

Mary – the Agony

Mary - the Agony, Acrylic/Paper, 1984, & Digital Manipulation, 2014, by Terre Britton.

Mary – the Agony, Acrylic/Paper, 1984, & Digital Manipulation, 2014.

This is an Adobe Photoshop manipulation of a college piece, primarily using blending modes. Here is the original:

Mary - the Agony, Acrylic/Paper, 1984, by Terre Britton

Mary – the Agony, Acrylic/Paper, 1984

Gesture Drawing: Figure 1

Figure-1 (c)1983, by Terre Britton

Figure-1 (c)1983, Conté on paper.

In our college life-drawing class we’d begin with quick gestures before getting in to the 30 or 60 minute poses. This is one of those gestures.

It’s also a drawing that has seen a few miles–wrinkles retained for sake of character.


Illustration from “Taming Those Wild Feelings”

"Meditation" (c)2005, Digital Art, 8

“Meditation” (c)2005, Digital Art, 8″ x 10″.


An image from a children’s book, by Terry Lowey Pickup, that I illustrated in 2005. “Taming Those Wild Feelings” is available in paperback through a number of book stores, including Amazon.

Drunken Angels

Drunken Angels, by Terre Britton.

“Drunken Angels” (c)1983, Acrylic on matte board, 40″ x 32″

This is a Christian/Dionysian study from college.

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