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Bobblehead Sketch (WIP)

Bobblehead sketch, by Terre Britton

Bobblehead sketch, 2014

Since welcoming a Wacom Cintiq Companion into our family of design tools–mid-October, 2013– I’ve been testing out different illustration styles. This is a fun one!

Here are links to my other Cintiq illustrations:

Superman (The Green Coat)

Detail: Superman (The Green Coat), 2013, by Terre Britton

Detail: Superman (The Green Coat), 2013

Another Wacom Cintiq Companion illustration, with cameos by Gala One and Fall Rose.

Click thumbnail to view full image:

Superman (The Green Coat), 2013, by Terre Britton

Click to view full image.

Naive Trickster

Naive Trickster, by Terre Britton, 2014. Digital Art.

Naive Trickster, by Terre Britton, 2014. Digital Art.

I created Naive Trickster on a Wacom Cintiq Companion.

This illustration is available as canvas and paper prints on Fine Art America.


On February 21, 2014,  Naive Trickster was “Found by RB” and featured on the RedBubble homepage!

Thank you, RedBubble. :)

Pattern/Color Study: No. 1

Pattern/Color Study

Pattern/Color Study: Cool

Pattern/Color Study

Pattern/Color Study: Warm

Pattern/Color Study

Pattern/Color Study: Green


(2200px x 1258px)

Click to download “Warm” wallpaper.
Click to download “Cool” wallpaper.

Sylph: Updated

Sylph: Digital Sketch (2013), by Terre Britton

Sylph: Digital Sketch (2013)

This is a high-level digital sketch drawn in Adobe Photoshop (@Photoshop), using my @Wacom Cintiq Companion (@CintiqCompanion). WIP.

Update: My good friend Dan Landrum, artist and designer, brought this image to life on Google+, by pairing it with the perfect ee cummings’ poem.

Many thanks, Dan,  for elevating this image with such a rich association:

in time of daffodils (who know

the goal of living is to grow)

forgetting why, remember how


in time of lilacs who proclaim

the aim of waking is to dream,

remember so (forgetting seem)


in time of roses (who amaze

our now and here with paradise)

forgetting if, remember yes


in time of all sweet things beyond

whatever mind may comprehend,

remember seek (forgetting find)


and in a mystery to be

(when time from time shall set us free)

forgetting me, remember me


~ee cummings

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