The Maker: A Race Against Time

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The Maker, by Zeolous Creative

The Maker-Trailer

Christopher and Christine Kezelos, owners of Zealous Creative (@ZealousCreative) and directors of The Maker, are brilliant and their video is nothing short of genius.

In a magical five and a half minutes, a sense of passion and urgency is summoned in us to . . . well, I’ll let you decide. But I will say that it’s astounding how they manage to expand the story into eternity—past and future—in the last 30 seconds. Watch the full video, below:

The Maker has an impressive list of awards: recognition from the ITSA Film Festival, Couch Fest Film Festival, SXSW Film Design Awards and 2012 Bondi Short Film Festival for Best Production Design (Australia). Here’s director Christopher Kezelos interviewing animator/dolly maker Mark Lagana about his industrious designs—including his pipe dolly and bicycle wheel dolly—and use of recycled materials.


You can also check out the entire creative team here:

Zealous Creative is a production company run by Christopher and Christine Kezelos in Los Angeles, USA, and can be found here:


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