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Superman (The Green Coat)

Detail: Superman (The Green Coat), 2013, by Terre Britton

Detail: Superman (The Green Coat), 2013

Another Wacom Cintiq Companion illustration, with cameos by Gala One and Fall Rose.

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Superman (The Green Coat), 2013, by Terre Britton

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Wishing You a Life of Love

Apple Tree (c)2001, Digital Art

Apple Tree (c)2001, Digital Art

Happy Valentine’s Day

Here is a small gift of gratitude for all my wonderful friends who have been kind enough to stop by and comment or visit my site to browse around.

Just click on this text link to download a PDF of printable bookmarks.

Enjoy, and have fun reading!



Revealing Origins

Creative Flux

“Creative Flux” (c)2011 Digital Art

Branding Inspiration

This image was born from a need to brand Creative Flux, on Sirius Press, Inc., where artists and free-thinkers share their thoughts on the arts, the process of creation, and storytelling: be it the moment of inspiration or the follow-through to something concrete.

Book Store Wizard

"Wizard" (c)2005 Digital Art

“Book Store Wizard” (c)2005 Digital Art

Over the course of a few years, I had the privilege of illustrating the covers of the “Island Writer Magazine,” published by the Victoria Writers’ Society, Victoria, BC, Canada. The illustration above is one of several.

Island Writer Magazine Cover: Book Store Wizard

Island Writer Magazine: Terre Britton Cover and Logo Design, and Illustrator.

Island Writer Logo

Island Writer Logo Design

Quick Study: Twins

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The original painting is the second image down. It was a little dark and lifeless for my taste, so I rescued it in Photoshop with a combination of Selective Color, Curves and Black a& White. I don’t know if ethereal describes it . . .  spartan, maybe? No pun intended.

"Twins"  (c)2012 Digital photo manipulation #3

“Twins” (c)2012 Digital photo manipulation #3

Below is the original. My husband loves it; I think it’s a tad drab.

"Twins"  (c)2012 – Acrylic on Canvas Board, 12″ x 9"

“Twins” (c)2012 – Acrylic on Canvas Board, 12″ x 9″

Color manipulation pushed hard perks it up a bit.

"Twins," digital manipulation.

“Twins,” digital manipulation.

And then there’s always black and white.

"Twins," digital manipulation.

“Twins,” digital manipulation.

This image is part of my “Quick Study” challenge. Learn more here.

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