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Madonna of the Light—My Boy

Madonna of the Light—My Boy, by Terre Britton

“Madonna of the Light—My Boy” ©2013 Acrylic on Canvas, 22″ x 28″

“Madonna of the Light—My Boy” is currently in the “All Things Holy” exhibition at Artel Gallery, Pensacola, FL. Here is what journalist Mike Roberts of the Pensacola News Journal had to say about this piece.

“In the gallery’s “Awards Alcove” is Terre Britton’s “All Things Holy.” Its centerpiece is an enigmatic Madonna and Child, the baby Jesus looking away with fear. Britton’s works here are bound by their swirling non-descript background that lends a chimerical feel.”

You can read the full article, ‘Time’ keeps on ticking into the future at Artel Gallery exhibit, here. And you will find a list of all the work in the show at the bottom of the exhibition post.

Drunken Angels

Drunken Angels, by Terre Britton.

“Drunken Angels” (c)1983, Acrylic on matte board, 40″ x 32″

This is a Christian/Dionysian study from college.

Destined for Glass

Vertical Triptych

This was the first series I ever created, many college-moons ago. Essentially, they are prototypes for a column of stained-glass windows behind the altar of a church. They could be hung left to right but I created it with a vertical format in mind–in the order below.

 Also, they were just removed from storage and shipped to me a couple of weeks ago, so you will likely notice surface damage.

Resurrection of Christ

“Resurrection of Christ” (c)1984, Acrylic on Canvas, 24″ x 24″

Death of Christ

“Death of Christ” (c)1984, Acrylic on Canvas, 24″ x 24″

Birth of Christ

“Birth of Christ” (c)1984, Acrylic on Canvas, 24″ x 24″

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