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“Gala One” is Purchased by the Cinco Banderas Permanent Collection–(Updated)

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Gala One

Friends, as of last Thursday night I have the honor of being a part of the Cinco Banderas Permanent Collection, at the Artel Gallery (@artelPensacola), in Pensacola, FL. My sincere thanks goes out to juror David Braly–the nationally recognized artist from Montgomery, AL–who voted “Gala One” to be purchased for the prestigious collection.

David Keith Braly

This is the second honor I’ve been awarded in as many months. In September, my canvas, “The Green Vase,” won Best of Show. I’ve spared you the naive, pseudo-Wordsworthian spot-of-time experience as recounted in that very first post (you can read it here), but I assure you, I am even more overwhelmed!

The founder of the Cinco Banderas Permanent Collection is Jim Kobacker. Apparently, he began the collection anonymously but eventually began engaging more with the artists to build up one of the most esteemed collections of Florida’s northwest artists. Last night I had the great pleasure and honor of meeting Jim’s daughter Kim and grand-daughter Ashley, both genuinely lovely people. I was moved by their gratefulness to the artists: while I was trying to express my gratitude to them for their gracious gift and recognition, they were thanking me!

Kim and Ashley Kobacker

I’m also pleased to be in the fine company of two other artists whose works were also purchased for the collection: Sally Miller and Pat Regan; and judge’s Awards were given to Thomas Groth and Donna O’Neal. Below is Suzanne Robbert, our fearless leader, during the awards ceremony.

Suzanne Robbert, President of Artel Gallery

I would be remiss if I didn’t thank the one person who encouraged me to get involved in Artel Gallery and submit my work, and that would be Hope Mastroianni–painter and photographer who prefers to be behind, rather than in front of a camera, hence, no picture. Thank you, Hope!

Terre Britton and Gala One

UPDATE: You can now purchase prints of  “Gala One” in my Fine Arts America collection, at http://terre-britton.fineartamerica.com/ I will be adding “Gala One” to my FAA collection, for print and canvas sales, but and it is currently on display from now until Nov. 30, at:

Artel Gallery
223 Palafox Place
Pensacola, Florida 32502
850 432-3080

I urge you to come view the show; the art is diverse and excellent. Hope to see you there!

“The Green Vase” Accepted in to the 24th Annual Cinco Banderas Competition

Terre Britton and "The Green Vase"

Terre Britton and “The Green Vase” at the opening of the Cinco Banderas Competition.

“The Green Vase” makes a second appearance in the Artel Gallery!


This time,  juror David Braly–the nationally recognized artist from Montgomery, AL–voted The Green Vase” in to the Twenty-fourth Annual Cinco Banderas Competition,–thank you David! It did not make its way in to the permanent collection; however, the second work I submitted was purchased! You can read about it in tomorrow’s post.

Previously, “The Green Vase” won Best of Show in  their edgy still-life competition, “Fruits, Vegetables and All Things Still.”

“The Green Vase,” by Terre Britton.

“The Green Vase.” Acrylic – (c)2012 36″ x 48″

“The Green Vase” is for sale at the Artel Gallery, until Nov. 30, or you can buy prints, stretched canvas prints or greeting cards through my new Fine Art America gallery. You won’t have to wade through any of my other art to find it, it’s currently the only one there :-)

The opening for the show is tonight, October 26. I urge you to come view the show; the art is diverse and excellent. Hope to see you there!


“The Green Vase” is on display and for sale from October 26 to Nov. 30, at: Artel Gallery223 Palafox Place, Pensacola, Florida 32502 | 850 432-3080




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"Enchanted, ” by Terre Britton.

“Enchanted” (c)1997 – Acrylic Airbrush on Stretched Canvas, 30″ x 24″

From the archives.

Besides tests and studies, I’ve painted about six airbrush pieces. The first, Aphrodite, was an exciting accomplishment. But I didn’t spend enough time working out a technical methodology. Instead, I painted by the seat of my pants and, like this piece, the result was dark and muddied. I do, however, like its story-book, illustrative stylization.

Quick Study: Twins

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The original painting is the second image down. It was a little dark and lifeless for my taste, so I rescued it in Photoshop with a combination of Selective Color, Curves and Black a& White. I don’t know if ethereal describes it . . .  spartan, maybe? No pun intended.

"Twins"  (c)2012 Digital photo manipulation #3

“Twins” (c)2012 Digital photo manipulation #3

Below is the original. My husband loves it; I think it’s a tad drab.

"Twins"  (c)2012 – Acrylic on Canvas Board, 12″ x 9"

“Twins” (c)2012 – Acrylic on Canvas Board, 12″ x 9″

Color manipulation pushed hard perks it up a bit.

"Twins," digital manipulation.

“Twins,” digital manipulation.

And then there’s always black and white.

"Twins," digital manipulation.

“Twins,” digital manipulation.

This image is part of my “Quick Study” challenge. Learn more here.



Aphrodite (c)2001– Airbrush/Acrylic on Stretched Canvas, 30″ x 40″

I love, you love . . .

This image is all about surviving Love, remaining true to Love, and loving Love despite inevitable failures and unforeseen tragedies. You haven’t really loved until you’ve suffered utter devastation at least once!

You can see it here on G+.

You can also buy framed prints and cards of “Aphrodite” on RedBubble.


#FirstFridayArtWalk on G+ is open to all!

I have posted “Aphrodite” as a submission to the #FirstFridayArtWalk, hosted by Samantha Villenave, on Google+.

Artists, simply share work of your own, a painting, a drawing, a sculpture, an illustration, and add the hashtag #FirstFridayArtWalk. The Art Walk is open to non-photographic work, in traditional, and digital media. Artists and non-artists alike are welcome to reshare the work of other artists with the #FirstFridayArtWalk hashtag as well.

#FirstFridayArtWalk starts on Friday, October 5th (today!) and continues through the weekend. You can learn more by visiting Samantha’s page.

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